Knitting escapism

I have a mountain of knitting work related items to finish but for the last 24 hours I’ve run off with a knitting mini-escape. I had been using a hank of Fleece artist ‘Sea Wool’ in a lovely Moss color for a test swatch and I didn’t want to stop knitting with it. So to indulge myself I’ve been using the rest of the hank to knit a little shawlette. It feels so beautiful, I can’t stop knitting, should be finished it tomorrow!
Meanwhile the other related working I have been shrugging off because of this…reformatting a pattern, finishing a pdf, start another pattern for a new project, finish a mountain of submissions (I think I have 10 I need to get out in the next week!) and start planning a class for a couple of months time.
Myself and Sue Cullen are going to do a day of classes on Saturday the 21st of November. We have booked in the SMA centre in Wilton in Cork so put the day in your calender! We will have 2 different 3 hour morning classes and 2 afternoon classes, with a discount if you want to book the complete day. We are putting the final details together for the class titles but it should be a very enjoyable day.