Teaching at This is Knit

I’m very excited to announce an upcoming class in This Is Knit at the Powerscourt Centre in Dublin on the 16th of May.

This class will teach you how to knit the Centrique shawl or Captiva Wrap. You get to choose which piece you want to learn how to knit with a copy of the pattern included in the class price.

The Centrique shawl can be worked in either a light 4-ply/fingering weight or a heavier dk weight yarn. This pattern is great as a first shawl project. You will learn how to read your lace and create a triangular shawl. I will also show knitters how to adjust the pattern size if they want to work a smaller or larger shawl.

The Captiva wrap is shaped using short rows to create the gentle curve. Worked in garter stitch this project is a great way to learn how short rows work and is designed to hide the wraps well. I will also show how to adjust and modify the size and length of this wrap to suit your needs.

I’m looking forward to seeing all you knitters in Dublin!