Styling Azami

The gently draped material of Azami and delicate lace lends itself to simple styling that allow the lacework to shine.

A sleek charcoal grey turtle neck dress with chunky court shoes and geometric silver jewelry provides a perfect combination with the Azami sweater.

Playing around with styling ideas for Azami made me really think hard about how this sweater would look best.  The open lace panel at the neckline needs to be taken into consideration when wearing this sweater.  By providing a darker turtleneck backdrop the lacework will really pop and you won’t have the neckline of the undergarment draw attention away from your knitting.  The v-neck opening of the sweater lends itself to showcasing an interesting necklace, although it should be kept simple to avoid being too busy.

My previous styled version, Azami in White, has a lighter, summer feel.  Neckline of the top underneath is kept low so it will not detract from the lacework at the neckline.

The sample for this sweater was knit using Valley Yarns Southwick.  This yarn is a blend of Pima Cotton and Bamboo, both fibers have a great deal of drape which complements the style of Azami well.  When working with bamboo I would strongly suggest swatching and washing your swatch as it does tend to grow.  If necessary change your needle size so that you get the required gauge.  A 100% cotton version of Azami would create a similar effect as it will also drape well.

For a cold weather version of Azami it could also be knit in wool.  This will however change the look of the sweater somewhat, you would have to take care when blocking to ensure you had nice open lacework and good drape.