Survey results

I want to give a big thank you to all of you who answered my survey, and as promised I’m going to put the results up.

It looks like almost everyone has a preference for PDF patterns:

It looks like pdf wins by a mile with hardcopy books/pdf combination coming up a very distant second.

The next question I asked was how many patterns you liked in a collection:

Again, there was a very clear winner, with 6 being the ideal pattern number knitters liked.

Next there was the type of pattern, in the comments knitters had a preference for all one type of pattern in a collection with women’s garments being miles ahead:

Shawls and accessories came up behind this.  In the comments many knitters said they were slow to buy collections of children’s and men’s patterns as they was no guarantee they would be like and both sections can be very fussy to knit for!

Now for the idea of subscriptions, it seems like knitters were nervous about the commitment and wanted to make sure they got value for money.

And my final survey question was for anyone who would buy a subscription, what would be your ideal length.  6 months just won out, but 3 months was close behind:

So basically what I’ve taken from this survey is; just keep working the way I’ve been going.  I think as a designer the benefit to collections and bigger work rather than operating from pattern to pattern is that you have a more cohesive voice to your work and it is a little easier to organize.

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  1. These are from 100 knitters. I had 115 replies but I need to pay survey monkey to view more than the first 100 replies!

  2. Thank you for sharing the results. I was curious. This is my first time commenting on your blog (I’ve just been a lurker, lol) and I wanted to tell you that your your patterns are so lovely and your book looks so interesting.

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