Classes at This Is Knit

On February 15th I’m going to be teaching 2 classes at This Is Knit in Dublin. The first class, De-mystifying Short Rows is one I’ve done before BUT it’s been updated with some new material :-) I am completely and utterly fascinated by short rows so I keep digging a bit more to figure out new ways of working them and new shapes you can make with them. This class is the fruits of this digging – I’ve added a new technique that I love and I’ve created a whole lot of new swatches to see all the things you can do with them. You’ll never think about short rows in the same way again….

The second class that I’m teaching, Sweater Surgery, will be a very different, fun class. You can approach this class in one of two ways; either as a sweater knitter who has a completed a sweater and was unhappy with the end product OR as a sweater newbie who want pointers/tips/hints BEFORE they get started.

So when you come to the class if you’ve got a sweater you want to work on you get to bring it along, otherwise just a set of swatches to experiment on will do the job.

We’ll work through our body measurements (you can’t fit a sweater without knowing what size you need!) and then do a bit of trouble shooting.

From there we’ll work though some techniques that can be used on sweaters that or finished or still being worked on.

Changing sleeve and body lengths, steeking a sweater into a cardigan and changing the edging on a garment.

We’ll even talk a little bit about modifing flat patterns so that they’re worked in the round.

So lots for everyone and a good way to get started on your new knitting year!