I’m so pleased to get the chance to work with Brooklyn Tweed again; the yarn is beautiful to work with and the patterns and photographs they produce are just amazing. The cardigan I designed for the Wool People 7 collection, Pente,

is the culmination of several things I love. I’ve been exploring biased fabrics over the last year (Vertex Cardigan, Nishibi, Chrysanta) and I’m completely obsessed with how they alter a fabric. All you are doing is stacking increases and decreases on top of each other but they create a dramatically different fabric.

In the front of Pente you can see how I used this, the front waterfall panels are biased which creates an even more dramatic waterfall front sloping downwards. This is emphaisised by using stripes in the fabric so that you can really see the biasing.

To make sure that the cardigan still fits well even though it is biased I used short rows. These effectively ‘fill in’ the gap created at the top by the bias which allows the top of the front to lie flat.

I’m looking forward to seeing how knitters make this cardigan their own; what colors will you use? Will you change the stripes? I’ll be watching out for them :-)