Exploring Ravi Junior

Photo Credit Evin O’K

This is one of the things that came across my desk that made me truly happy to work on. I’m a mum and I love baby and toddler knits so when Carol said that she was launching a Ravi Junior kit in Nua, I beamed and jumped on board straight away.

I’ll be honest the mummy knitter response kicked in pretty quick. I wanted to know that as a non-superwash yarn that the garment would withstand the abuse that my kids are going to give it. My little monkies are not going to know the luxury they are wrapped in. They are going to move, play and be excited by that shiny thing over there and I didn’t want to knit a garment that I had to take off to let them explore. The other knitter response was ‘What about pilling?’ It’s always my second question that rolls around my head as my kids move fast and there is a whole bunch of friction going on.


Photo Credit Evin O’K


I’m constantly shocked by Nua and it’s reaction to what I throw at it. I knew from my cowl that pilling wasn’t going to be an issue especially as Ravi has the beautiful depth of garter stitch. I wear my cowl on beach walks in high winds, thrown in and out of pockets (sorry Carol) and it’s always rubbing against my coat. My cowl looks as good as the day I took it off the needles and when it’s looking a little sad I just handwash it and it bounces right back. This made me have confidence in Nua as a yarn for children’s garment.

As a non-superwash yarn, the garment would have to be hand washed. This made me a little concerned but as I have managed to get potato and leek soup out of a very expensive hand knit alpaca cardigan using Soak, I knew that I could push that fear away too.


Photo Credit Evin O’K


Then I was able to really get excited. I had wanted to knit an adult sized Ravi but I have Akoya on my needles at the moment and no time for another adult garment but I really wanted to see what this looked like and then I got these beautiful images from Evin O’K and I was sold. If anyone is interested I will be knitting a Ravi Jnr in Capall over the summer. Why don’t you join me? This is the perfect size project to test out new construction methods and test out your love for short rows. 

If you would like to join me, Carol has added a Ravi Jnr kit to her shop here and to go with that in her shop only, she has added a 15% discount code ‘RAVIJR15’ which works on both the individual pattern and then also the kit. Offer is valid until May 31st. 

Happy Knitting!