Birman Shawl

We are on the last pattern of the Nua Collection Volume 2; Birman Shawl. Today is the last day that you’ll get an automatic 10% discount off the collection, tomorrow it becomes full price.

Now lets take a look at this shawl. With the Birman shawl I’m experimenting with a different type of colourwork again; slip stitch cables. It’s a simple technique but it creates stunning results. To create a slip stitch cable you work with a striped garter stitch background. The stitches that are going to be your cables will stay in st st in a single colour, this means that on the contrasting colour rows you just slip those cable stitches. What this creates is a striped garter stitch background with a single colour cable that seems to almost rest on top. It’s one of those techniques that creates a complex looking end product that is simple to work. My favourite :-)

The entire shawl is worked in one piece with the edging worked at the same time (slip stitch I-cord work the same as the cable). It starts at the tip of one end, increases and then the cable begins. You keep increasing until you reach the width you want and then work straight, finally you begin decreasing at the other end. This type of construction makes it very easy to decide how big you want it and to make the most use of your yarn. If you want it wider you work more increases and if you have less yarn you can omit some of the middle straight sections.

You can see that it’s a nice size shawl that comfortably wraps over your shoulders. The version I made used almost all of the yarn suggested so if you want to do extensive swatching you might need to get a little extra.

This collection is available in a few different ways; print (with digital copy), digital only or as individual patterns. All purchases from my website allow you after checkout to add the pattern to your ravelry library but you can also find the digital version directly on ravelry here. To view all the individual patterns so far come check out this page.