Bubble Dash Revealed.

So my very first ever mystery KAL has come to a close. I was a little nervous doing a KAL as a mystery, as I was writing it I realised how important very, very clear directions were! Normally if you’re knitting the finished photos act as a backdrop to the words but with a mystery your words have to stand alone. Probably because I was nervous I had a LOT of videos and tutorials for the KAL so there wasn’t any reason for knitters to run into problems! I’ve put all the videos and tutorials together on a single page that are linked to the pattern.

The shawl shown above is the version I knit (yarn option A). It used Nua yarn in the colours Unexpected Macaw, Late Night Blues, Figment and Cafe Flamingo. Just below you can see the second version (yarn option B) that was knit by Sue and she used Bare Necessities, Rolling Bales, Capall and Broken Tiles.

You can find yarn kits for both versions here and the shawl is available on my website here or on ravelry.

Let me give you a little overview of the clues and construction process, clue by clue.

Clue 1

This clue starts right at the bottom tip and increases along the centre line. It alternates garter stripes with a Bubble Pattern until you reach the top of the triangle.

Clue 2 & Clue 3

Clue 2 and 3 are mirror images of each other. Clue 2 is the right wing, a right sloping biased panel that combines garter stripes with a Dash pattern. Clue 3 then is the left wing that slopes to the left and decreases at the same time. The slope combined with the decreases really open out the shawl and creates a nice wide wingspan just perfect for wrapping over your shoulders.


The shawl ends with an optional fringe. The beauty of a fringe when you’ve got a lot of colour changes is that along the right side you don’t have to weave in any edges, just pull them into the fringe! (There are still ends to weave though for the left side!)

Here are 2 fringe options. This one uses all of the colours combined, perfect for using up all of your yarn leftovers.

This second option will require more yarn, but you can continue the pattern colours out into larger, single colour fringes that really extend the pattern out to the edge of the work.

Would you like to try Bubble Dash today? You can use the code BUBBLE20 for a 20% discount on the pattern on both my website and on Ravelry. This code is valid until the February 28th, 2018. Don’t forget to tag me in your projects (#stolenstitches) or why not pop them up in my Ravelry group here.