spraoi kal cardigan

Spraoi KAL

spraoi kal cardigan

Welcome everyone to the brand new spring KAL – Spraoi.

If you’re new to my KALs (knitalongs) you can find a little more information about how they work here. If you’re nervous of knitting your first garment, or if you find that you rarely get to the end of a garment sized project then this KAL may be of help to you. The support you will get from other knitters on the ravelry forum really helps keep you going to make sure you make it off sleeve island! I try to pop in most days as well to answer any questions that come up.

The KAL goes on pre-sale to start with (right now) and this allows you to gather your materials, do your swatching and figure out your sizing with lots of time to spare. This first step is an important part of garment planning as it means you have all the information you need before you start. After that each section of the pattern is released as a ‘clue’ so that you’re only focusing on one thing at a time.

spraoi kal cardigan

All about the Pattern

So now that you know how the KAL is set up the next thing you need to know is how this pattern fits together. This is a top down cardigan that is knit in one piece with raglan shoulder shaping. The front and back use an Punchwork lace pattern and the sleeves are in st st. The raglan is modified a little so that the sleeve and body increases are not at a constant rate. This allows for better shaping and the correct yoke depth for each side.

Once the yoke is finished the body is worked all over in the lace pattern to the bottom hem. You might notice as well that the front bands are worked at the same time as the body. This means that when you cast off you are finished! (Other than sewing on the buttons of course and blocking!)


spraoi kal cardigan


We are not all built the same, for that reason I encourage knitters to make their own modifications when they are knitting garments. Each new clue in the pattern will include tips on how to modify different sections to increase or decrease the size as needed.

You can also see that the raglan seam increases (as above) are worked using yarnover increases. I’ll have an option of closing that as well if you prefer a closed increase.

Learn More

If you want to get a 15% discount on Spraoi you can use the code springkal19 on ravelry here. In the pattern pdf you’ll get a discount code also for the yarn kit

To join in the chat and fun come and introduce yourself on the Carol Feller KAL board here. To share on social media use the tag #spraoikal2019 and that way I can find and share all your wonderful images!