Jimenez Joseph on Terrain – Cosy Knits

It’s time to start introducing the designs for the upcoming book Cosy Knits! Are you excited? I know that we are.  Over the next few weeks, we will be hearing from the contributing designers on their patterns and inspiration. This week on the blog is the wonderful Jimenez Joseph who has taken some time to share with us the inspiration behind her  Terrain Shawl.


To start, let us introduce Jimenez Joseph. For about 20 years, Jimenez was a keen track & field athlete. She discovered knitting while convalescing after a severe knee injury had forced her to quit athletics altogether. Knitting became her new obsession. Her designs explore shape, colour, texture and novelty, while at the same time, offering simplicity in their construction.  When she is not knitting she is playing tennis. She lives in the Surrey Hills, England with her yarn-enabling husband and exasperated daughter!

Jimi also found the time to answer some questions on her beautiful Terrain shawl, (The texture and that swing in the shawl edging do have me drooling a little bit!) and you can see some newly released photos of the design by Joesph Feller below:

Terrain Shawl by Jimi Knits in Nua Worsted
Can you tell us about your design inspiration for Terrain? 
Terrain was inspired by the area where I live in the Surrey Hills. I’m surrounded by steep, rugged hills and our country roads are peppered with potholes and tracks. I wanted to use this to explore unusual texture in knitting, using unconventional techniques, while at the same time creating a mellow knitting experience.
What drew you to your colour combination for Terrain? 
Although I do tend to go for contrast colours in my knitting projects, the idea of a green/green combination was perfect, as it gave the shawl that Surrey Hills look!
Do you have any advice/tips for knitters before they knit Terrain?  
My advice would be to get yourself a cup of tea, make yourself cosy in your favourite chair, cast on and enjoy the ride! 😃
If you could choose other colour combinations for Terrain in Nua Worsted, what would you choose?
I would choose: Rolling Bales for MC and Kitten Fluff as CC. I quite like the gold and silver aspect of this combination.
Could you share a favourite knitting story with us?
I find that I carry my knitting wherever I go. I once took my knitting to a party and hubby joked to the host saying that I only brought it with me in case the party was boring! That wasn’t true. Ok, yes it was…! 😁
Where are we most likely to find you knitting? 
Even though I have my own design studio, filled with yarn, I almost never knit there! I’m nearly always found at home, knitting on my dedicated comfy sofa, surrounded by plump cushions, with my feet up on my knitted footstool. Bliss!
Thank you so much, Jimenez, for introducing us to the background of your beautiful shawl. If you would like to hear more from Jimenez you can find her over on her website www.jimiknits.com and on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and you can find more of her beautiful designs on Ravelry here.
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I’m getting very excited, are you?