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It’s time for another Cosy Knits release today. Joining us on the blog is the very talented Joan Forgione  (aka Paper Moon Knits) as we take a look at her design, Inglenook.
Inglenook is a simple vest in garter stitch highlighted by chunky cables and a high low hem in garter stitch. There is a luxurious removable cowl that makes the garment versatile and cosy. The perfect knit for when you move from warmer rooms to brisk cold air. Joan very kindly took some time to answer some questions on Inglenook:

Can you tell us about your inspiration for Inglenook and how it translates to your finished piece?

The inspiration for Inglenook came from a walk in the park I took with my daughter’s dog. A fellow walker was wearing a loose-fitting, oversized sweater with large cables on a field of garter. I like to think about how a piece can be used in a variety of “looks,” and I thought a vest with the same feeling would offer that, as you could layer it over shirts, sweaters or even wear it on its own. The removable cowl gave it yet one more way to change it up.


 What drew you to your colour choice for Inglenook?

​I have a bit of a yarn crush with Nua, and love all the colours, but Cerebellum’s dusty pink emanated a feeling of warmth and I feel it pairs well with both blacks, greys and browns (which are staples of my wardrobe).



 Do you have any advice/tips for knitters before they knit Inglenook?  

The one suggestion I have is to make sure your gauge for garter is the same for both working in the round and flat in rows. This piece makes use of both. Some knitters have a tendency to work garter in rows at a tighter gauge.


If you could choose another colour for Inglenook in Nua Worsted, what would you choose? 

Again, although the Nua colours are wonderful but the cables may get lost in a dark yarn like Dare You, Late Night Blues or Sea Veggies. I’d stick with the lighter and middle hues for this one.


Could you share a favourite knitting story with us?

I belong to a lovely Knit Night group through which I’ve met some of my very best friends. Every Friday we meet up at a local restaurant to knit, share our work, eat, catch up on the week, and laugh. It’s as much therapy as it is knitting and we’ve all, at times, shared both the happy times and sad times in our lives. Sometimes, we don’t even knit. Just being with each other and sharing a common “thread” is enough.




Who or what inspired you to pick up the needles?

One of my very first jobs as a teenager was shelving books in a library. It doesn’t really sound that fascinating, but because I loved books, it was wonderful to get lost in the stacks. One of my favourite areas was the craft section – (the 700s for those into the Dewey Decimal system). Looking at the beautiful knitting pattern books was a way to spend my time – and take a break from my work. It inspired me to learn to create what I read about.


Where are we most likely to find you knitting? 

You’re absolutely sure to catch me knitting on my hour-long train ride to work each morning.



Thank you so much, Joan, for introducing us to Inglenook. If you would like to hear more from Joan you can find her over on her website and on Instagram and Ravelry.
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