Louisa Harding on Tuckle – Cosy Knits

It’s time for another Cosy Knits release today. Joining us on the blog is fabulous Louisa Harding as we take a look at her design, Tuckle.


Tuckle is an oversized sweater with delicate details that Louisa is famous for. Heart nupps detail the yoke and chevron stitches give textured detailing to the body of the sweater. This is the garment you reach for when you want to wear a hug.

Can you tell us about your inspiration for Tuckle and how it translates to your finished piece?


To me, the word ‘Cosy’ conveys the feeling of being tucked up, tucked in, protected and warm. My inspiration for this sweater was to convey that sentiment. I knew instantly that I wanted the sweater to have a high neck and tightly ribbed cuffs. The stitch pattern evolves as you knit which creates interest and the yoke heart motifs surround the wearer with love.


Do you have any advice/tips for knitters before they knit Tuckle? 


Even though this is a big sweater I feel it is a quick knit as the construction is very straight forward, body and sleeves knitted in the round and then joined for the yoke. A tip for those who haven’t knitted little bobble (nupps) patterns before, practice this stitch pattern with some spare yarn as when you start the yoke and pattern there are a lot of stitches on the needle and practice makes perfect.


Could you share a favourite knitting story with us? 

It is the 30th anniversary of my first hand knit patterns being published in Rowan Magazine no. 6 while I was still a student, and I have been really fortunate to have been involved with the knitting community ever since. There have been many changes in the way yarns and patterns have been made available enabled by digital technology, but the essence of community has always been there. I now receive emails where once I received letters and I have made knitting friends all over the world. I remember with fondness those who are no longer with us but shared their knitting passion with me. When we come together to knit, whether it be in physical or virtual knit groups, through workshops or podcasts,  stories are shared and never forgotten. Community and heritage are integral to creative ‘Yarnies’ of the world.


Who or what inspired you to pick up the needles?


My Grandma taught me aged 6, however, in the mid 80’s hand knits were the leading pieces on the Fashion Catwalks, so aged 19 and studying textiles for fashion I picked up a pair of needles and began a 30 year career as a hand-knit designer. I love engineering a piece of clothing using only your hands, 2 needles and a ball of string and the permutations endless, it’s fascinating and addictive….


Where are we most likely to find you knitting? 


My favorite place to knit is on the bus.

My studio is located about 6 miles away from my home in Huddersfield and I like to take the bus. It is a journey which takes 45 minutes, starting in the picturesque valleys of Yorkshire finishing in the industrial town of Huddersfield. I always sit on the top deck of the bus, to me this is ideal knitting time with no distractions apart from the views. A place where I can contemplate with repetitive stitches, always hoping that the bus gets caught at the last set of traffic lights as we pull into the bus station so I can finish just one more row!



Thank you so much, Louisa, for introducing us to Tuckle.  If you would like to hear more from Joan you can find her over on her website www.yarntelier.com and on Instagram .
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