ballintemple front detail

We’ve finally come to the very last of the Cosy Knits patterns and this one is from me! I wanted to design something very special that would be cosy, comfortable and work well with Nua Worsted.

For the initial inspiration I looked at the basic shaping of Ravi, a favourite cardigan of mine that I’ve always wanted to revisit. I love the combination of the side-to-side yoke with top down construction as it creates a really nice fit and is a lot of fun to knit. Ravi was designed in the Nua sport weight so it behaved a little differently. With Worsted Nua it’s a bit heavier and thicker for that extra squish factor but I wanted to make sure it didn’t get too heavy. For this reason I used a flatter cable, which reduces bulk and makes the cable less dense. In addition to this I also keep the body length cropped, but added some a-line shaping for a bit of swing.

ballintemple front detail

In this image you can really see the details of the cable, it’s a really pretty, wide braid panel that lies flat but is so elegant. This cable is worked on the yoke from side to side. The whole yoke is worked from side-to-side using German Short Rows at the top of the yoke to shape the neck. This is a great way of keeping the neck the size you want while still having the bottom of yoke big enough for the body and sleeves.

ballintemple front detail

From the bottom of the yoke stitches are picked up and the body is worked from the top down in garter stitch with a cable panel on each side of the front. There is gentle a-line shaping to allow it to swing a little.

The edges are finished at the end with I-cord edging that’s picked up all around and uses integrated I-cord button holes.

ballintemple back detail

I’ve actually got tutorials available for a lot of the techniques used in this sweater. You can see how to work German Short Rows in garter stitch here and there is a video on integrated I-cord buttonholes here.


I hope you’ve enjoyed all the reveals from Cosy Knits  but if you’ve missed any of the previous releases, you can catch up with all of the Cosy Knits blog posts on this page. 

Want to get just this pattern? You can find it in my store here and in Ravelry here. Yarn kits available here.

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