Siog Stripes Mystery Knit-Along.

Our community has been working hard on the latest knit-along, a mystery knit-along! As we have drawn a winner from our group and I have spotted a fair few shawls in the wild it’s time to share some of the shawls that managed to make it up on the FO thread before Carol closed it for entries.

The Shawl

The best part of a mystery knit-along is that you don’t quite know what you’re knitting. You know it’s a shawl but you never quite know what you’re going to get. (Try typing that without thinking of Forest Gump!)

Siog Stripes uses a unique double garter stitch background over which a single colour cable seems to float. You can have some truly amazing effects with this technique when you combine it with different colours and yarns. I hope the photos here show just how different it can look.

The most popular colour choice in the community was blue, what can I say, we are a Ravelry community in sync.  Take a look at just some fo the completed blue shawls here and you can click through to the amazing knitters by clicking the images below.

If you are just catching up on this post and would like to join in, you can purchase the yarn kit and follow along with the Teachable Siog Stripes Project workshop at your own pace no matter the time or year! Find the yarn kit and bundle options here. 

Siog Stripes – The Blues

PanikSchaf’s Siog Stripes
Karin Christiansen from Aalborg, Denmark.
Photo credit @Kaystar
Photo Credit: @filidhruadh’s SiOG Stripes Mystery Shawl KAL

The last blue shawl is by Filidhruadh who chose to knit hers in Fyberspates Faery Wings in Rainbow and Stolen Stitches Nua in Figment. The result is this mesmerising shawl where the cables are almost like a prism or appear to have a magical effect as they float on the garter background. IT definitely has my brain turning that’s for sure!

Siog Stripes – The Pinks

This last season has seen a real turn towards pink as a trend. From catwalks to special indie dyed colourways you can find pinks from blush to deep berry. It’s a colour I’m always careful to work with as I love it when it’s on my needles but when I wear it it tends to wash me out. But enough about me let’s dive into these beauties from the MKAL:

Simone’s Siog Stripes

You can see how the contrast colour plays such an important role in the shawl. Even though each of these shawls is from the pink spectrum each one is unique proving that if you’re unsure about working with a particular colour you can always adjust the contrast to suit your own skin tone.

Siog Stripes – Autumnal Tones

I love autumnal tones. I always think that the rusty colours brighten winter coats at a time when the sun shines at it’s shortest. Linda’s shawl below is a great example of just how deep  Siog Stripes is. I love a deep shawl that can be worn instead of a cardigan or coat. One that is easily moved from the front to the thrown over the shoulders when it gets colder as the day wears on. Here is our ode to Autumn from the MKAL:

Photocredit: Linda
Photo credit @Kahebda’s Siog Stripes

NikkiFB’s Siog is knitted with Cascade Yarns ® Venezia Sport and Classic Elite Yarns Telluride but at first glance, you think it was the same yarn choice that creates this monotone beauty. This choice shows just how different a pattern can look just by choosing a different yarn. Never be scared to test a swatch out if you are unsure, you can always rip back if you choose not to use it.

To Tassle or not to Tassle.

One of the fun parts of this MKAL was the making of the tassels. I know they aren’t for everyone but I think they add something special to this shawl. Is there a better feeling than having a finished shawl and making small add ons that truly make it yours? (okay possibly wearing the finished shawl 😉) To help with your tassel making there is a tutorial video below.

For those of you who may not like a mystery but would like to cast on Siog Stripes then you can pick up the pattern here and yarn here. All patterns come with full guided tutorials so don’t be afraid to try something new!

This KAL ended with much excitement for the Celtic Cable Club. I can tell you that the first packages are winging their way around the world as I type and it should be too much longer until you start seeing packages appearing on social. Remember to use the #stolenstitches or #carolfeller so that we can see what you’re making and share in the process too!

If you are looking to join in some community chatter while you wait, you can find us chatting away in the Facebook group here.

Phew, that was a long post!

Time for a cuppa, knit and natter, what do you say?