What’s Wool Got to Do with It – Project Baa Baa

Would you like to take part in a virtual woolly event this October?

Stolen Stitches is taking part in the Irish Designers and Makers Wool Showcase as part of Project Baa Baa from the 29th of October at the Printworks, Galway. This event will be virtually screened on  October 31st and you can find the direct link here.

 What is Project Baa Baa?

Project Baa Baa is a unique programme of events in October 2020 celebrating the cultural, economic and environmental contribution of Sheep Farming & Associated Traditions.

Sheep farmers, researchers and innovators, artists and designers, craft and food producers from across Ireland and Europe have come together to present the various traditions associated with sheep from sheep farming for meat, milk and wool through online events and exhibitions.

Irish Designers and Makers Wool Showcase.

This exhibition of art photography and various installations presents the work of Irish Designers and Makers and celebrates the use of wool in Irish fashion and fabric design.

Along with Stolen Stitches, you can find Studio Donegal, Foxford Woollen Mills, Edel Mac Bride, McConnell Woollen Mills, West End Knitwear, Electronic Sheep, Golden Fleece, Fintan Mulholland and Donegal Yarns with Yarn Vibes.

For a full list of those taking part, please see the Irish Designers and Makers Wool Showcase event here. This is also the link that you can use to register for the free event.

Caelius Knitting Pattern

Stolen Stitches at Project Baa Baa

Carol handpicked a selection of designs, yarns and books for this showcase that highlights the variety in Irish knitwear design.

You can find Caelieus (pictured above) which is knit from the top down in one piece. Work begins with the cowl neck and then moves on to the raglan shoulder shaping. Lace details run all the way down the raglan into the body which has a gentle a-line flow.

detail of a cabled cowl held on a hand.

The Peterswell Cowl shows off the beauty of working cables in the round.  This satisfying project keeps the cables on the right side of your work so that you can always see what you’re doing making this a great introductory cable project.

Russler Nua

Russler is the shawl that gives you a hug. This shawl showcases the undulating effect of the chevron stitch pattern. As an added interest, the shawl is worked on a bias which has piqued the interest of many a knitter.

Nua Yarns by Carol Feller

These projects listed above also highlight the rustic charms of Nua Yarns by Carol Feller. Nua is a blend of merino, yak, and linen. Each of these fibres contributes something special to create an amazing yarn blend that is designed to make your cables pop!

Carol designed the colour palettes of both Nua Sport and Nua Worsted with the Irish countryside in mind capturing the fern greens and deep warm yellows of rolling hay bales within their fibres. To see the full collection of Nua yarn click here.

blasta yarn

Uniquely Irish – Blasta at Project Baa Baa

Along with Stolen Stitches patterns, you will find the specialist Irish yarn Blasta developed with Carol Feller and Donegal Yarns which has garnered quite the reputation during our Celtic Knits Club.

Blasta is 60% Irish fleece and 40% New Zealand. The Irish fleece has been carefully sorted so that only the softer fleeces are used in the wool. It’s still a rustic, woolly yarn but its comfortable to wear and the woollen spun nature of the yarn makes it a dream to work with cables!

Of course, we couldn’t send the yarn without supporting patterns. Read on to find out what we sent!




You can see Santach (pictured above) during the Irish Designers and Makers Wool Showcase. This elegant design is perfect for practising your cable skills! A truly unisex hat that works really well for everyone. This design also shows off the depth of colour that is typical of Blasta yarn along with tonal speckles that create an added interest to your favourite designs.


Contemporary Irish Knits at Project Baa Baa

You’ll find a number of books from Carol at Project Baa Baa including:

Echoes of Heather and Stone which includes 8 designs all under the theme of Ancient Ireland. Ireland is a small nation, on a small island, but with a rich history and geography that has inspired artists and crafters for generations. The book uses Stolen Stitches ‘Nua’ yarn that has a subtle palate that allows each design to shine.

Cosy Knits i.e. the book that you reach for when you want to snuggle down and cherish your knitting in quiet contemplation. This thought-provoking book explores why we knit, our friendships and deeper meaning woven into our stitches. The book uses Stolen Stitches Nua Worsted yarn with designs that use different levels of knitwear techniques allowing the knitter to add to their existing toolkit as they work through each exquisite pattern.

Contemporary Irish Knits

Contemporary Irish Knits gives you 20 exciting patterns for making one-of-a-kind Irish-inspired knits. including unique projects for women’s, children’s, and men’s pieces as well as accessories like blankets, shawls, hats, and fingerless mittens. Plus, you’ll get easy-to-follow construction guidance so that you can enhance your knitting experience and more intuitively create and customize your pieces.

Complemented by essays on inspiring Irish yarn mills and photography of the Irish countryside, this book features designs created using traditional techniques and stitch patterns implemented in new ways to make truly original pieces.

No matter what your knitting experience, Contemporary Irish Knits gives you the skills, projects, and know-how to create truly gorgeous knitted pieces that celebrate Irish style with a modern, contemporary twist.

This has turned out to be a rather long post but we hope that you will find the time to virtually join us in supporting Project Baa Baa this weekend.

All this week you will find posts on Instagram support other designers and makers taking part. If you want to search these please use the hashtag #projectbaabaa or follow the Project Baa Baa Instagram account.

If you want to meet other Irish designers and makers you can browse the tags: #irishmade #irishdesign #designireland #madeinireland  on Instagram but I suggest making a cuppa first!