Undoing a Crochet Provisional Cast On

We understand that undoing a provisional cast-on is a terrifying process for some, especially if this is the first time you are trying the technique.

Today Carol is back on the blog walking us through undoing a provisional cast-on. Sit back and watch as she calmly unpicks the crochet cast on, pops the live stitches back on the working needle leaving you ready for your next steps and all in under 3 minutes.

Please note that this video is part of our Dacite Project Workshop series. You can find more information on our project workshop and some FAQ links below.

Some things you might be wondering about:

If this post has piqued your interest in Dacite, you can find the pattern here.

This is the link you need if you would like a virtual knitting buddy while you make your own Dacite. You’ll find 30+ videos, to take you step-by-step from cast on to finishing so you never have to knit alone again.

For those of you who are yarn spotting while you are here, the yarn and colourway used in the video above and is our Nua Worsted in Sea Veggies.

We hope this helps demystify the provisional cast-on process a little bit. If you would like to learn more, we have an extensive free tutorial base for those quick FAQ here.

A few more notes on a provisional cast-on. If your cast-on is all one stitch (all knit or all purl) this crochet chain will unzip nice and neatly. However if you have knit and purl stitches alternating (like ribbing) you will find that the yarn is twisted around the stitch where it changes. Don’t worry, you haven’t done anything wrong, you will just need to unravel the yarn (or snip the waste yarn) and carry on!

We will be back with another tutorial on the blog soon. As always we love hearing your thoughts as comments below👇