Autumnal Knitting Inspiration for Fall 2021

Handknitting is never about joining trends. At least, not the larger knitwear trends. It’s about slow, mindful making and enjoying your hobby.

It’s about loving your chosen yarn and needles.

It’s about taking some time for you.

To have some quiet, mindful making.

To pause.

So on the blog this week, we wanted to create a post that was relaxing. One that allowed you to soak up some pattern and colour inspiration if you’re in a bit of a funk.

We’ve all been there. That feeling of being overwhelmed and wanting to get back into knitting now that the routines of September are back in full swing.

I’ll leave quick links here so that you can jump right to the section you are looking for:




Yarn Colour Palettes

And if you need even more inspiration, then we have a full collection right here.

Autumnal Knitting Patterns for Fall 2021

Cardigans for Fall

Here in Ireland, autumn is the season of layers. You can never have too many. We start reaching for heavier cardigans towards the beginning of October but still rely on lighter ones over long sleeves to help us through this changeable season.

Here you can see some options with interesting techniques, and you can view a full collection here.

Pecan Crush
Endpapers by joan Forgione
Endpapers by Joan Forgione
Red Cardigan by Stolen Stitches worn by a woman walking in a field in autumn.
An autumnal yellow cardigan called Tabouli pictured infront of a Irish lake
Tabouli Cardigan in Nua Sport.
Autumn Whispers

Fall Sweater Inspiration

As we move into October, sweaters start to become a daily option around here. Fall sweaters are ones with 3/4 length sleeves or full lighter weight garments. We like to dress some up with shirts underneath or have a casual day by throwing them over long sleeves.

Finding the right pattern for you combines your style with what you find interesting or relaxing to knit. If you have a colour you must knit with but are afraid to wear it close to your face, try using it in a bold pattern like in Coiled Magenta below:

Coiled Magenta
Soft Trails
Woman sitting on the beach in agreen handknit sweater
Oxalis Sweater by Joan Forgione
Mossy Way Sweater
Mycroft by  Isabell Kraemer

Accessories For Autumn

From cosy socks to textured cowls, Autumn is a time for grabbing and whipping up accessories. Smaller accessories are great for getting back into knitting. Nothing inspires the cast-on of another project than the bittersweet high of binding off and blocking another.

Cois Farraige Shawl
Peterswell Mitts
Liscannor Hat

Yarn Colour Palettes for Fall 2021

Nua Yarn and Project Bag

If you were looking for some autumn colour to add to your knitting projects, then the Harvest Moon, Rolling Bales, and Capall colourways in Nua are a must. They have you thinking of pumpkin spice, falling leaves and rich tones of autumn.

If you are more of a Blasta yarn fan, then the Coillte, Liath Oir and Coillte Oir are a perfect fit.

Blasta Yarn and Project Bag

If the choice is too hard, then let us help you with colour families and knitting patterns inspired by the seasons in our Seasons Club. The club patterns will be accessories inspired by the seasons of Ireland. Every season will be different, and you can opt to join for a single season or create a rolling seasonal subscription.

And if you are still looking for more patterns to browse, we’ve put together a full collection right here:

So, after all that inspiration, what will you be casting on next?