sugar pine mini-sweater

Sugar Pine Mini-Sweater Decoration

I love the idea of knitted or crocheted Christmas ornaments. They are small, cute and so fast to finish! So this year I sat down to design an ornament and to create a pattern I could gift to you. And what do you know, I kept designing sweaters. Admittedly, they were decoration sized sweaters. But they were still sweaters! So I just decided to lean into it, and keep the sweater ornament. It somehow seems very Stolen Stitches!

Even though this decoration ended up accidentally as a sweater it actually serves it a double purpose. As well as creating cute decorations, you can use it to learn new techniques! If you’ve been nervous to try top-down, seamless garment construction, you can use this decoration to try it out.

One of the best ways I know of teaching new techniques is through video. So I’ve added a brand new Vlog that walks you through every one of the techniques that are included in the sweater:

Techniques Demonstrated

This video explains how to do:

  1. Joining to work in the round with Magic Loop
  2. Working raglan increase
  3. Separating sleeves from the body
  4. Working jog-less stripes
  5. Picking up sleeve stitches
  6. Working sleeve decreases in the round

So you can see that you’ll have a full range of seamless knitting skills all wrapped up in a small package with this decoration!

Yarn Kits

I wanted to create bright, fun colours for these decorations so I’ve used our Coral Mini cotton yarn skeins. These are 20g of yarn that are ideal for these little decorations. You can pick your own and create fun colour combinations. Each two skeins will create 2 mini-sweaters if you reverse the colours for each.

We’ve put together yarn packs with 6 skeins of yarn and you’ll get a printed a6 copy of the pattern with the yarn as well as 2 mini-hangers (while stocks last).

How to Buy

Pattern available for free on our website here or ravelry here.

Yarn pack, with printed pattern, available here.

Free Vlog with how-to here.

Want to move onto a human sized garment? Find our sweater workshop journey here.

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