Inis beg hat and mitt set

Inis Beg – Celtic Knits Club 2023

Have you ever desperately waited for new yarn to arrive?

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on our new Deas yarn to knit up the first of this year’s Celtic Knits Clubs patterns. Waiting on its arrival was a test of patience, but oh, when it finally arrived?

It was worth the wait.

Every new yarn reveals its unique characteristics to you slowly and Deas was no different. I began swatching before the Christmas holidays and quickly discovered that this yarn looked fantastic with big fat, deliciously chunky cables.

So I went all out with this set, allowing the cable to dominate. It worked beautifully with the two colours, Loam (pictured) and Peat, creating a wicker like, woven effect. It was also a match made in heaven for the theme of our 2023 Celtic Knits Club – Abhainn agus Talamh (The River and the Land).

Inis Beg Hat – Celtic Knits Club 2023

This hat is worked in the round from the bottom up, working a double length rib to allow it to be folded for maximum warmth. This then increases into the chunky cables that are dense and warm. The crown ends with the decreases being worked into the cable pattern.

The cables in this pattern allow the yarn to come to life in a way that resembles a river winding its way through the rocky Irish landscape. The flecks representing the froth of a turbulent river splashing against wet stones in its path.

This hat comes in 3 sizes, with the largest size being a little longer. For added depth, the ribbing can easily be increased if you like a deeper hat. Options make your knitting your own. It’s more intimate and personal and I’m always excited to see what our community makes in our Knithub threads.


Small (Medium, Large)

To Fit Head Circumference up to: 21.5 (22.25, 23)”/ 54.5 (56.5, 58.5) cm

2-3” / 5 – 7.5 cm negative ease recommended.


Band Circumference: 18.5 (19.25, 20)” / 47 (49, 51) cm

Length (Unfolded):  9.25 (9.25, 10.25)” / 23.5 (23.5, 26) cm

Sample size 19.25”  / 49 cm modelled with 3” / 7.5 cm of negative ease.


Stolen Stitches ‘Deas’ (86% Merino Wool, 14% Mohair; 202 yds / 185 m per 3.6 oz / 100 g); colour: Turf or Loam; 1 (1, 2) skein(s)

Approx. Yardage: 176 (185, 218) yds / 161 (169, 200) m

Inis Beg Fingerless Mitts

I’ve developed a great love of fingerless mitts this winter. My hands are always cold, especially when indoors typing. I created a rib only prototype for these that I’ve been living in for the last few months!

The cuff of these mitts is all ribbed, and when you reach the hand, you have a chunky cable on the front, stockinette stitch on the thumb, but the ribbing continues across the back of the hand. My favourite feature of these mitts is the folded edge. This allows you to unfold the edge if you want extra warmth, covering most of your fingers!


Small (Medium, Large)

To Fit Hand Circumference up to: 7.25 (8, 8.75)” / 18.5 (20.5, 22) cm

Fit with no ease


Hand Circumference: 7.25 (8, 8.75)” / 18.5 (20.5, 22) cm

Length: 7.25 (8.75, 9.75)” / 18.5 (22, 24.5) cm

Sample size 8″ / 20.5 cm modelled with no ease.


Stolen Stitches ‘Deas’ (86% Merino Wool, 14% Mohair; 202 yds / 185 m per 3.6 oz / 100 g); colour: Turf or Loam; 1 skein

Approx. Yardage: 102 (125, 150) yds / 93 (114, 138) m

Where To Buy These Knitting Patterns

If you are reading this and want to find the pattern but aren’t part of our 2023 club, you can still join us! While the full club is sold out, we do have the option to jump into the digital version! This will give you access to the patterns, videos, chat and zoom launches for the club. So if you want to cast these items on right now:

Find Digital Celtic Knits Club 2023 here.

If you want to knit along with these first two patterns but are wondering about yarn substitution, Soft Donegal makes a good substitute, 2 skeins will complete both projects for you.

If you want to know more about our Deas yarn, pop on over to this blog post.

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