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Welcome to the Summer Seasons Knitting Club

From early summer in Ireland, parcels of wildflowers bloom in hedgerows, woods and meadows. Daisies, poppies, cornflowers, meadow-sweet and foxgloves burst into outrageous colour all over the country. This is what we wanted to bring you a taste of this summer.

Knitting is not always associated with the summer, but I love the variety and sensual experience of working with different fibres and textures!

Summer time is a great excuse to knit with luxurious, breathable fibres. This mix of pima cotton and cashmere in our summer club is a dream to work with and wear. The yarn and wildflower theme have inspired me to work with a variety of lace patterns that really show off this sumptuous yarn, giving it drape and openness.

This Season’s Yarn Options from Pascauli Sole

I chose the Pascauli Sole colours for the summer season with warm weather knitting and wearability in mind.

Which colour will you go for?

Bright Foxglove Pink, Seasonal Lilac, or Subtle Aquiline Teal?

This season’s yarn is Pascali ‘Sole’, a soft blend of pima cotton and cashmere. The cotton is light, cool, and soft and the 10% cashmere adds a little extra softness and a touch of luxury. Each club installment will come with 5 skeins of this fabulous yarn.

You will also have a few pattern options to choose from with some unexpected knitting surprises that you’ll have the option of experimenting with.


The Summer Season will be open for sign-ups from 8 pm Irish time (3 pm EST) on the 2nd of June until the 14th of June (or while stocks last).

The packages will be shipped out from early July, and the pattern will be sent to you via email on the 20th of July. You will also have access to your digital content on the 20th of July. The fun will then all begin on KnitHub with our seasonal club launch and cast on party!

Workshops and Support

One of the reasons so many knitters choose to join our clubs is not only for the yarn and locally crafted extras but for the patterns and detailed support. Each pattern comes with its own workshop series that will take you through each section of the pattern so you can sit back in your favourite crafting space and know that everything you need to knit your project is at your fingertips.

These workshops are recorded in English and have accompanying subtitles and an interactive comments section.

Along with this, we also have our dedicated private Seasons Club space on Knithub. This is where you can ask for support, chat with other members and check in on updates and members’ progress. You’ll also be able to take part in our Launch party from here, and don’t worry, a replay will be available to all subscribers if the timing doesn’t suit.

So from experienced knitter to a beginner ready for adventure, we know you’ll have everything you need to have a relaxing, enjoyable experience with our clubs.

How Do I Join?

Are you ready for a seasonal knitting journey?

An adventure inspired by parcels of wildflowers bloom in hedgerows, woods and meadows. A tactile delight of luxury yarn, interesting techniques, and cool summer treats and teas, all from the comfort of your favourite chair.

Are you nodding yes?

At 8 pm Irish time (3 pm EST) on the 2nd of June, you can sign up for the Summer Seasons Club (button will not be live until then):

While you wait, come learn more on our Seasons page.

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