Embroider Your Knitwear with Seasons Club Summer 2024

Would you like to join us for a season of vibrant colour and creative play?

Nods. Then read on as this summer season we are all about dramatic splashes of colour and deliciously soft yarns.

Towards the end of 2023, I had a live over on YouTube, where I was chatting with our community about things I would like to learn in 2024. One technique that stuck with me was embroidery, specifically embroidering on hand-knits.

Many of you agreed that this was a skill that you would like to try in 2024 and so, this is how the summer season of our club was born.

I’ve long been fascinated with embroidery and the ability to create surface decoration over a textile fabric. Traditionally embroidery has delicate floral details, but I’ve never been a very floral person. This has meant that I have not explored what can be done with embroidery in much detail before now. However, that has all started to change!

Over the last few years, I’ve been noticing a new style of embroidery emerging. This is a much more graphic embroidery, with dramatic splashes of colour that create patterns and textures as surface decoration on your work.

What has drawn me, in particular, is the ability to create surface embroidery designs directly on your knitting. Instead of using a traditional embroidery hoop, you can just work directly on your knitting. The book that was of particular inspiration to me was Britt-Marie Christoffersson’s ‘Inspirational modern designs for stitching onto knitted garments‘. This book has a unique take on what embroidery is and was my jumping-off point for summer 2024!

Seasons Club Overview Summer 2024

In this Summer Season, I invite you to explore this world of embroidery on your knits. In this club, we will have two basic patterns, one for a light scarf and another for a neckerchief. Both will use slip stitch patterns which provide an ideal surface and set of ‘grid lines’ that you can use to create your freestyle embroidery.

You will have 3 different colours of embroidery threads and I will demonstrate different styles of embroidery that I think will work well with your knitting. Then you get to explore your own creativity by mixing and matching the colours and deciding exactly where you will use the stitches on your knitting surface.

Find out more in our club overview here:


There are two club options in our Seasons Knitting Club:

  • Full club
  • Digital Club

Inside the Full Club you will find:

  • Yarn (see below).
  • 2 patterns designed by me, Carol Feller.
  • Video workshops.
  • Exclusive KnitHub forum.
  • Zoom launch party.
  • Seasonal tea.
  • Seasonal recipe by The Cookbook Circle.
  • Surprise knitting goodies that coincide with our chosen theme.

Our Digital Club will have:

  • 2 patterns designed by me, Carol Feller.
  • Video workshops.
  • Exclusive KnitHub forum.
  • Zoom launch party.

This option is the perfect choice for those who would like to stash-dive for our summer season, and have access to all the digital patterns, workshops, live launch party and dedicated support.

But for those of you wondering what your yarn choices are in our upcoming club, I won’t keep you waiting:


Biches et Buches ‘Le Petit Lambswool’

This is 271 yds / 248 m per 50g of fingering weight wool. You will receive 3 skeins of this yarn in your chosen colourway.

Fyberspates Gleem Lace

This is 55% Bluefaced Leicester Wool, 45% Silk, approx. 11 yds /10 m. You will receive 3 cards of embroidery thread in 3 different colours.

As a club member, you will choose from Bright, Seasonal and Subtle as your palette for the summer club:


The highlight of our clubs are the accompanying workshops and support from both ourselves and our wider community. Many chose our clubs to try their hand at a new-to-them technique.

Never held an embroidery needle?

You won’t be alone. This is the beauty of learning with others. If you get stuck, we are right there to help you along as we work on the same projects as you!

Our workshops are recorded in English and have accompanying subtitles and an interactive comments section.

Along with this, we also have our dedicated private Seasons Club space on Knithub. This is where you can ask for support, chat with other members and check in on updates and members’ progress. You’ll also be able to take part in our launch party from here. Don’t worry if the time doesn’t suit you, a replay will be available to all our club subscribers!


The summer season will be open for new sign-ups from 8pm 1st June until the 14th June (or while stocks last). We have very limited stock of some colours, so if you want to ensure your colour pick order early!

The packages will be shipped out early July, and the patterns will be sent to you via email on the 19th of July.

You will also have access to your digital content on the 19th of July. There will be updates in both our Knithub and our Facebook group when all of this happens, and we will, of course, be sharing on our social channels.

So, if you are thinking of joining us for this season, set you reminders now!


There are 3 ways to join our summer club:

  1. Get a whopping 10% discount with a rolling subscription membership. This renews every 3 months, with reminders going out before renewal and the option to change your colour choice each season.
  2. Single season membership. Great, if you want to try out our seasonal offerings.
  3. Digital Membership. This gives you access to all the digital goodies; patterns, video workshops, zoom launches, and exclusive chat forum.

So if you’d like to learn how to embroider your hand-knits with all the step-by-step videos, patterns, and tutorials you’ll need right at your fingertips, then click this button:

Sign-Ups open from 1st of June, 2024 at 8pm!

Can’t wait?

Pop over to Knithub to share in the excitement with others in our community.

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