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Come join the latest Carol Feller Sweater KAL!
April 2017 – our currently sweater KAL is Sugarcane Cardigan which went on pre-sale April 11th, 2017.

Are you ready to knit a sweater that is well fitted, suits your shape and looks great? Carol Feller is a knitwear designer, teacher and popular Craftsy Instructor. Having published several knitwear collections under her design name ‘Stolen Stitches’, Carol’s KALs are the perfect entry point for knitters looking to get to know Carol’s patterns or a regular event to look forward to for Stolen Stitches fans!

Carol has been running her highly popular sweater knit-alongs  (KALs) for several years, giving knitter’s the tools they need to produce a fantastic looking sweater. Carol’s KALs are a wonderful way to learn new skills, make new knitting friends, and share support with the bonus of your new favourite sweater at the end!

I’m glad that I took the time to fuss about the fit (and therefore re-knit various bits to get something I really liked). And while I’ve not knit many sweaters, this one is far & away the best fit that I’ve achieved to date. So now I want to knit lots more sweaters! Thanks much, LittleFellers (Carol), for a great pattern & the advice on fit throughout the knitting process.”

How does it work?

Carol Feller’s sweater knit-alongs have become well know for their accurate pattern writing, in-depth tips, and prompt and fun personal interactions.

To begin with the KAL is put on pre-sale a month before the first clue to allow knitters to gather their yarn and swatch. Then the KAL consists of as a series of 4 clues, with one released every 2 weeks. Each clue contains the next part of the pattern, a section on modification tips, and links to online tutorials for any tricky sections.

Thank you, now that I know that sweaters are not difficult to knit, I want too knit more sweaters. Which pattern to choose with so many pretty sweaters? Your patterns are so cute and very easy to follow, thank you again :-)

Current KALs and keeping Up to Date
After a KAL has started you can still join, you’ll receive any clues that have already been released.
If you want to make sure you’re ready for future KALs, and for general Stolen Stitches news please sign up to the newsletter here.

Previous KAL patterns:

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Spritz Stripes
spritz stripes


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Dark Pearl

Dark Pearl

Capall Dubh

capall dubh

This has been a wonderful KAL! Will finish my first Capall Dubh this week and start my second. Very thankful for all the knitting tips and techniques learned from doing this. Thank you very much, Carol.”

This has been the greatest sweater pattern (out of 4) I’ve ever knit and the KAL was amazing. I have not washed and blocked my sweater yet, but I have already worn it 3 times.

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