Looped Crochet Bind Off

When you are working the edge of a shawl you may sometimes want a finish that is very flexible and decorative. A frequently used edging that creates a series of crochet loops is easy to create for even a novice crocheter. You can modify the size of the loops and the number of stitches from the shawl you bind off to suit your own shawl. If you have a series of decorative ‘points’ in your lace it works well to ensure your bind offs are centered around these.


With a crochet hoop I picked up 2 stitches from the needle. I picked up 2 stitches as it suited the edging for the shawl I was making. You can pick up 1 or 3 or 4, whatever you want, this is just the initial set-up.

Slipping initial stitches onto crochet hook

Next I pull loop of yarn through both stitches that were on the crochet hook. This forms the first stitch of your crochet chain.

Pulling yarn loop through initial stitches

Now I pulled the yarn loop through the stitch on the hook 6 times to create a crochet chain. Again the length of the chain can be varied to suit your shawl style. Remember though to keep each one the same length or it will look uneven.

Continue to pull yarn loops through stitch 6 more times to create crochet chain.


1. Slip 3 stitches from your needle onto the crochet hook, remember you also have one more stitch (the end of your crochet chain) on the hook also.

Slip next 3 stitches from needle onto crochet hook.

2. Pull the yarn through all 3 stitches. There are now 2 loops of yarn on the crochet hook.

Pull yarn loop through these 3 stitches.

3. Pull yarn through both stitches on the needle, this forms the first stitch of your crochet chain. You can also see now that the first crochet chain you made forms a crocheted ‘loop’ at the start of your work.

Pull yarn loop through both loops on needle.
Pull yarn loop through both loops on needle.

4. Pull the yarn loop through the stitch on your hook 6 more times to complete the crochet chain.

Continue to pull yarn loop through stitch until crochet chain is complete.

Repeat steps 1-4 until you reach the last stitches to be bound off. It’s possible that you have less (or more) than 3 stitches left at the end of the bind off, just complete the bind off with the stitches you have left.

Work steps 1 and 2, break yarn and pull the yarn tail through the final stitch on your hook.

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