Garter Stitch Short Rows

Working short rows in garter stitch is much easier than in st st. The ridges of the garter hide the wraps where you have turned your work so when you come to a wrap in the next row there is no need to work it with the stitch it wraps.

1. Slip stitch from left hand needle to right hand needle p-wise.
Bring working yarn from back of work to front.
Slip st back from right hand needle to left hand needle.

You will see when you do this that the working yarn is now hanging at the front of the work on your left hand needle between two stitches.

Turn work so that yarn is now at back of work.

You will now begin working on the other side of the work.  Take care with the first stitch you work that you pull the yarn lightly so that there is no excess yarn in the loop around the stitch.  Take care not to pull so tightly that you distort the stitch.

As you are working in garter stitch the ‘bumps’ in the knitting will hide the short rows. This means that you can just ignore the wrap when you work the next row.

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