German Short Rows in Garter Stitch

Garter stitch (every row is knit) can be very easy to hide short rows in as it looks like a series of ‘bumps’ when you are working it. However if you are working at a loose gauge and if there are a lot of short rows they become more visible and can make your knitting look uneven with gaps.

German Short rows work really well in Garter Stitch. They are simple to work and they are not too visible from either side of the work.

I’ve got this tutorial here in both video and photo format.

Here’s the video of German Short Rows in Garter Stitch:

Step 1: Knit to the turning point and turn your work.

slip stitchStep 2: Slip 1 stitch from the left to the right needle purlwise with the yarn at the front of the work.

pulling yarnStep 3: Pull the working yarn up and over the right needle creating a ‘double stitch’.

workingStep 4: Continue knitting until you need to work another short row.

knit double stitchWhen you reach the ‘double stitch’ in subsequent rows all you have to do is knit the double stitch as though it was one stitch.

To learn some more Short Row techniques try my Essential Short Row Techniques Class on Craftsy.

Here you’ll find my patterns that use Short Rows in Garter Stitch to try out this technique! Some of these patterns might call for a different type of short row but you can easily just substitute it with German Short Rows if you like.

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