The Eternal sock

Eternal socks

Eternal socks

I think that this sock is the slowest item I have ever knit. I got the Lana Grossa Mega Boot stretch yarn last year and 12 months later I am still not finished with the first sock. They are for my husband who would like just a plain simple sock and as they are knitting up they look like the will be very comfortable to wear. Unfortunately there really isn’t much interest in knitting a plain stockinette sock! Also, the yarn is two strands twisted together which keeps on snagging. This means that even though it is a simple stitch you have to keep watching what you are doing. Hopefully I’ll have the first one finished this weekend!

I am knitting there using my lovely Addi circular needles using the magic loop. I find it very hard to go back to dpn after using circular needles!

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