One sock finished

finished lana grossa sock

I am so pleased that I have eventually finished this sock. I know it’s not much of a birthday present, but surely one sock is better than none! The finished product feels very substantial but not sure I’ll be choosing Lana Grossa again. I need to psych myself up to get started on the second one now. Please send words of encouragement my way.

As a slight diversion I have started on another pair of socks – this time for my 2 year old ds. There was some of a ball of Opal yarn left from last years socks for my mother and I have been meaning to make him a pair since then. I just love working with this yarn, it knits up so effortlessly. Maybe by the time I have the second one finished it will give me the courage to get started back on making the mate for the above sock.

2 thoughts on “One sock finished

  1. Hi, great sock! If its any encouragement…..this wool wears really well. I knit a few pairs for my son last year in it, and they are still looking good, considering the abuse they get! Best of luck.

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