All busy here in Cork

I have been very busy on the knitting front for the past few weeks.  However my modem was broken so I have been running up and down to my parent’s house with a laptop to get my email.  As you can imagine this is not very conducive- to writing a relaxing blog post!

The test knitting for Eleanor is moving along well – anyone who is on Ravelry can take a look at the finished cardigan.  It turned out really nicely.

A few weeks ago I got the Fall Vogue magazine and I completely fell for the Hooded Pullover.  Now the last thing I need right now is another project but I just couldn’t resist!  I have tons of Kilcarra Donegal tweed aran weight in my stash here that I have been meaning to use for ages so I tried it out holding the yarn double.  I get exact gauge although the sweater is going to be so warm that I will need a Siberian winter to wear it!  I think I’ll replace the hood with a high collar, I’m not a very big hoodie person usually and the Donegal tweed is probably a bit scratchy around the head.

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