Lime With a Twist

Now that I have finished the pattern for ‘Eleanor’ I can start the finishing process for ‘Lime with a Twist’.

Lime with a Twist
Lime with a Twist

I finished this pattern earlier this summer and am finding it a very wearable cardigan. It is in a chunky weight cotton so it doesn’t take too long to knit.
I got one hank of Araucania Patagonia Nature cotton at the start of the summer and even though I loved the soft plush feel of the cotton and how it knitted I didn’t like it knitted in plain stocking stitch. I felt that the mottled color variations would work much better with a diagonal stitch pattern running though it. I played around with different patterns for a few days and ended up creating a variation from a Barbara Walker book that I felt showed up the mottled color variation of the yarn well.
The end result is an amazingly easy knit that I think looks much more complex then it was to knit.
I’m working with some test knitters at the moment and I’ll have this up for sale in the middle of November.

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  1. Would you let me know when this pattern is available?? Thanks

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