Some finished knitting

This must be a record for me – usually it takes me weeks to get a single post up and look at me now, 3 posts in 24 hours!

I have a few photos of the finished knitting I did over the last week.

First up are my cozy Monkey socks.

I am so happy with the green cabled jumper.  I thought it was going to be too heavy and unwearable with the Kilcarra but I have worn it all day and I just love it.  I made a few modifications:

1. I added a small bit of waist shaping, I just didn’t see any reason not too!

2. I just continued the ribbing up for a collar rather than a hood.  I just felt I would get more wear out of it that way.

3. On the sleeves when I started I missed that the ribbing should be continued before you began the cable so I started the cable right at the wrist.  When I had gone one repeat in I realised what I had done but I decided to keep it as a modification rather than change it – I liked the way it looked.

Anyone looking closely will see that my crochet buttonholes leave a lot to be desired.  I may rip them out and try again when I get a few moments.  Crochet is not my strong point!!

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