Post-Christmas presents

I hope I’m not the only knitter out there who gives knitted presents after Christmas!  I’m not usually this bad but when we were away for the holidays it meant that all gifts really had to be ready mid-December with the result that the time has a habit of sneaking up on you.  My other excuse was that I had ordered the perfect yarn that was delivered to my in-laws so I couldn’t knit it until after Christmas!

The yarn I ordered was Handpanted Yarn Colonia 140 in Mediterrane colour.  This has got such beautiful colours I think it was worth the wait!  I knitted it while I was sick so I wanted a fast simple pattern for the scarf and the drop stitch scarf pattern was just perfect.  It has the added advantage of looking like waves to match the colours!

One thought on “Post-Christmas presents

  1. HaHa. Some of my knitted gifts are just finished & on route to friends. You know you just have to wait for that perfect yarn.And of course the best reason was I became a Grandmother so that really through a loop into the knitting scheme of things.You know you just can’t stay away from baby. Well that’s my excuse that I used for this year. Have to think of a new one for next Christmas.

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