Necco Wafer Hoodie

The Spring issue of the Twist Collective is out.  I’m very excited to have a pattern in it, Necco Wafer Hoodie. As you can probably tell from the pattern I love bright colors for children’s clothes, this sweater was great fun to knit.  They photographed it on such a cute baby, all of my children are too old now to wear it so I couldn’t see it worn until the photos came out.  It feels a bit like looking at someone elses work!

Go take a look at the issue, the designs and colors are just yummy.  Have you ever seem such a wonderful color as the yarn in Barber Pole?  I don’t knit many socks but I think these have me tempted!  The colorwork in Sleepy Monkey is just amazing.

3 thoughts on “Necco Wafer Hoodie

  1. Wow…congratulations! It’s lovely.

    (Very suitable colours for St Patrick’s Day, dontcha think?)

  2. Congratulations for being published, and rightly so too, this is such a nice little hoodie, love it!

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