Knitting with toddlers

Most of the time I find it really easy to knit with the kids around.  However I am working on a fine laceweight project and the stitches have a great love of sliding off the needles if you take your eye off them for a minute.

Yesterday my 3 year old came in to me (for the fourth time) asking me to close his shirt buttons.  Now I was in the middle of a 170 stitch lace row working a double decrease so I mumbled something to him hoping he’d wander away.  Instead he went behind me and hit his cheek on my ball winder.  So now we  had tears and open buttons – that’ll teach me to ignore a button call!

One thought on “Knitting with toddlers

  1. And probably some dropped stitches too. It’s a hard balance that one. I’ve put the kids off for a few minutes to execute a tricky piece of knittin’ or another row and often it ends in tears.

    It’s hard to put yourself aside all the time tho’, so I guess it’s a balance. Sometimes the knitting wins and nobody pays the price. That’s a great day in my book!

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