2 thoughts on “Knitting in the Sun

  1. I have a copy of the “Knitting in the Sun” book and I’m very confused about the hourglass charts. I thought if you’re knitting in the round that all rows are read as the “RS row” and therefore the charts usually have all the numbers on the right hand side of the chart, But in the charts, there are odd numbered rows on the right and even numbered rows on the left.

    Can you explain to me how these charts are read.



  2. The hourglass charts can be used either flat or in the round. The body of the tank is knit in the round so every chart is read from the right to the left in the direction of the knitting.
    However the shoulder straps also use the chart and they are flat, with RS read from right to left and the WS knit from left to right.

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