Ravelry Day

I was in Coventry this weekend for Ravelry day.  I had a really great time, I went with Sue from Cork and met up with more knitters than I think I ever have before!  I hope none of the stallholders suffered too much from the cold and wet, it was not a good day to be standing outdoors.

My new pattern Raspberry Layers was in the fashion show for Fyberspates, who also now have several paper copies of the pattern, so if you see Jen at any shows in the next few weeks you can get a hardcopy of the pattern.  Meg Swason gave a talk after that and made us all feel as if her mother, Elizabeth Zimmermann’ was with us.

In the afternoon we took a workshop with Jared Flood.  He’s such a nice man – and I may actually get beyond my fear of steeks!!

Afterwards we all headed out for Brown’s until the early morning (it wasn’t that late – but 1 in the morning feels really late when you’ve been on little kid time!).  We met Jared again there and Woolly Wormhead, and as we all froze on balcony (the weater this weekend was really wet and cold).

Hopefully with the UK knit camp and ravelry day 2010 next summer I’ll get to see all these lovely knitters again.  It is so nice to know that all of these people really exist in the real world when it was only virtual until this weekend.  I’ve never visited Scotland before so even though it’s a year away I’m already looking forward to it!

One thought on “Ravelry Day

  1. Wow. You are so lucky to have met all those knitters. Everyone you mentioned are people that I really admire.
    Someday you’ll be giving the talk and everyone will be coming out to see you.

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