New pattern soon..pre-holiday?

I have a pattern to release in the next few weeks and I’ve been trying to decide if it should be before or after my holiday.
This pattern has an interesting history, it started out as a experiment. I wanted to know if I could knit an entire front of a cardigan with the yoke and collar in one piece. I started with a tiny doll version and discovered that it would work. From there I did another miniature version to test out some stitch patterns and yarn. Finally settling on some wool/silk blends I knit my first version in navy out of Elann Incense (wool/silk/bamboo). The second version was knit by my friend Sue in Pink from Manos del Uraguay, and was so very pretty. Just in case this wasn’t enough, when over at Ravelry day UK I spied Fyberspates Scrumptious.  For anyone who hasn’t seen this yarn in person, it lives up to it’s name.  And so a third version in Olive was made, and was just finished last week.  So between the three we have many photo options, all very colorful!

2 thoughts on “New pattern soon..pre-holiday?

  1. Before holidays pleassssseeeee!!! Is it for kids or adult??

    My Knitting in the Sun should be here anyday. Now to get YF mag up & running,I’ll be all set with your patterns.

  2. I am an impatient person, so I would say before! (Unusual construction methods do intrigue me.) But it’s no fun for the run-up to a holiday to be stressful, so I’m sure I can contain my curiosity – just…

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