Waiting for blocking….

I collected the Fyberspates shawl from Sue this afternoon.  It was soaked and now it is pinned out on my ‘blocking board’ and stretched out as far as those fibers will go.  Please don’t take too much notice of my rather colourful blocking board.  I have a table in my office that I use for my blocking, it is covered in childrens bright foam number blocks.  They work great for blocking but don’t make for very attractive photos!

This larger version of the Centrique shawl is knit with Scrumptious DK Gold yarn and it takes less than 2 x 1oog hanks and after my very generous blocking is about 54 inches wide and 25 inches long down the spine.  That should retract a little in size once it is off the blocking board.

I should have the patterns taken and the shawl up for sale in a week or so.

I’ve also got another suprise.  I am planning on putting some of my existing lace patterns (and some new ones) together in an ebooklet at a reduced price.  Just waiting for Ravelry to get the ebook in their system and I should be able to share more details.  Very exciting!