Interweave Holiday 2009

I’ve got a new sweater up in Interweave Holiday Gifts Terry’s Sweater.

Before I sent it off I took some photos of it on my dad, quite suits him I think!

I am not sure why but this was probably the fastest men’s sweater I have ever knit.  I think it was about 12-13 days from start to finish it took and that was without rushing!  Probably the combination of easy to knit yarn and simple body and sleeves meant meant that the bulk of it just flew.  The body and sleeves were both knit from the bottom up in the round and were then joined at the yoke and knit together.

When I had sent the original proposal to Interweave I liked the lattice so much that I knit a cotton hoodie version in orange for my oldest son.  I must just find the photos I took and I can post them.  To convert this to a hoodie all you need to do is leave out neck lattice decreases and then just continue up with the neck for the length of the hood.  I don’t think I even worked any increases/decrease for the hood. The top is grafted together and instead of working a shawl collar you work the ribbing around the entire hood edge.

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