Can I get your help??

The wrap that I knit at Christmas when I was in holiday is Florida is almost ready to release.  The charts are done, it has been tech edited and we are working on the final layout.  However I am having a hard time with a name.  While I was working on it I always described it as my ‘Wave Wrap’ or the ‘Scalloped Wave wrap’ but somehow they don’t fully convey the feel of the wrap.

If you want to give a go at naming the wrap I’ll love some suggestions, and if I choose your name I’ll send a copy of the final pattern pdf to you when it is releases (hopefully this weekend!).

Here are some photos of the wrap:

41 thoughts on “Can I get your help??

  1. Siren Song comes to mind.

    If you want something Irish how about Aileen’s Wave? Aileen’s is the name of the giant wave that breaks at the foot of the cliffs of Moher.

    Or Easkey? The Sligo town famous for it’s surfing and waves.

  2. WOW – real pretty

    – what about ocean breeze or scent of the sea or salt breeze

    pretty no matter what you call it

    cheers —pat

  3. i’m going to go with Spirulina, a blue kid of seaweed found in lakes in North Africa. A play on the color (spirulina is blueish) and the spiral edging and the oceany feel and color…..

    Great job – it’s lovely! Thea

  4. I think “Escalope” , which is Old French for the word “shell”. It also sounds like envelop, which makes me think of being completely wrapped up in the shael, which BTW, is gorgeous. I can’t wait to knit it:)

  5. The scalloped parts at the bottom remind me of the bubbles that are left behind as a wave recedes before another wave crashes. So… maybe riptide shawl?

  6. I think that names pertaining to the ocean are appropriate if it is knitted in shades of blue but it would be lovely in earthtones or pastels as well. Perhaps giving it a name such as “Scalloped Edges” would include whatever pallete the knitter likes.

  7. How about naming it after a Florida town?

    Pensacola Wrap
    St. Augustine Wrap
    or simply
    Juno….(named after Juno Beach)

  8. for some reason, it reminds me of jellyfish – the way it wraps around …. granted, that’s not a very sexy name for a shawl….

  9. I love the name of your website so I thought of a name to include it (sort of) “Sea Stole”. There ya go, my 2 cents. Ann ;-)

  10. I´m thinking of a sea shell when I see it.
    So maybe:
    “Sea shell”
    “Lacy sea shell”
    “Wavy sea shell”

    It´s very beautiful!

  11. How about “gentle ripples” or “lapping waves”?

    You have designed a beautiful shawl.

  12. Oh! That is lovely! I thought Summer Dreams when I saw it, or Ocean Dreams.

    Whatever you name it, I look forward to knitting it!

  13. It’s a lovely shawl!
    Looks like breaking waves and bubbles on the sand to me, or maybe shells – how about :
    Surf and Sand

  14. Beautiful shawl, reminds me of picking up shells at daybreak on Captiva island, so I would call it “Captiva”

  15. What a lovely shawl.. I am looking forward to casting this on. The names that come to me are

    From the Promenade (of a ship, looking back at the wake of the ship)
    West Wind (the friendliest wind from the fairy tale East of the Sun and West of the Moon; but also because the it’s warm and brings spring)

  16. As a Floridian, I heartily endorse the previous suggestion of Captiva and add “Sanibel” as another option.

    It reminds me of a song by Charles Trenet called “La Mer”, which talks about how the sea is the shepherd of the sky (the clouds being sheep); the phrase he uses is “Bergère d’azur.” So that’s my other suggestion. :)

  17. I adore your shawl. It is lovely and I do like the name captiva, maybe captiva caplet sounds well merged. I have a question however, is this pattern charted only? I havent quite learned the whole charting process and read regular patterns, I am nervous to take on this project but it is so lovely and would make a wonderful gift for someone I love.

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