Summer Holidays and Yarn

All the boys are at home this week on their summer holidays which is both lots of fun and frustrating.  Its nice to be off the treadmill of constant schedules and planning ..getting them out of pjs by mid day is a chore!  However finding time for some mental space is pretty hard.  I actually like quiet alone time so summers can get a little overwhelming!

I’ve been busy planning my classes for Knit Camp in Scotland and have some good news for anyone taking my Knitting From the Side class.  Fyberspates have kindly agreed to donate the yarn for this class.  You’ll all get a chance to try out their wonderful Scrumptious yarn.  The Raspberry Layer pattern we will be using in the class uses a chunky yarn that she is no longer producing but the DK weight held double produces the correct gauge so that’s what we’ll be using in the class.  This is a great class for a knitter who is past the basics and wants to learn some new techniques.  The cardigan begins with a provisional cast on at the center of the back, works out each way one at at time and uses short rows to give shape to the cardigan and also uses short rows to produce a little sleeve cap.  I have a pattern coming out shortly that also uses a similar construction technique but looks quite different.

I’ve got several new patterns (2 published elsewhere and 2 self-published) coming out over the summer.  I can’t talk yet about the other patterns but the next self-published pattern uses delicious Sundara Aran Silky Merino.  This was knit and modeled by Sue and I’ll leave you with a tiny little sneak peak….you should be able to see the completed piece in a few weeks!

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