Technology fail

Over the last few weeks I feel like I have a black cloud in relation to technology hanging over me.  Almost 3 weeks ago our phoneline went dead.  I gave it a day or two and contacted the company, apparently it was due to them being bought out by another company and transferring their systems.  So the fault was reported with a 24-48 hour wait…so I waited….no phone.  Next call and I was told that the problem had been solved…however my phone still wasn’t working so I get put on another 24-48 hour wait.  Several more days pass and still no phone go through the same thing and now have to wait until mid-week next week for a engineer.  Don’t you just love the fact that the phone line was cleared without ever calling me to check that the line was working??

To add to my techno woes while at knitcamp my new (just 3 months old) little netbook died on me.  It froze and when I tried starting it up it told me I had a primary hard disk error.  Doesn’t sound too good does it?  As it’s so new it’s still in warranty and can be sent back (of course I don’t have any phone so I needed to make an international call on my mobile to get it sorted out!)

Luckily my last techno issue might actually be something we can fix ourselves.  My desktop computer has been crashing frequently when it sleeps.  DH has been looking into it and it looks like it is a video driver that needed to be updated.  So fingers crossed that it stays working, I’ve had quite enough issues!

On a positive note last week at the end of my Knit Camp visit I had an interview with Robin Hunter posted here.  Go take a look!

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