Carrageen – modifications

When you are creating a pattern there is always a long string of decisions you have to make.  It starts with the direction you want to knit in.  For Carrageen, I wanted some fitted set-in sleeves so working it from the bottom up seemed like a good option.  Then came the decision to steek; I wanted a fast knit and knitting in the round is always faster for me.   Because I decided to steek I created slip st folds that would create neat folds that could be hemmed down.

The decision that gave me the most trouble with the cardigan was the fastening.  I had it sitting on the dress form for weeks just staring at it and trying to decide.  I finally came to the decision to keep it clean with snaps just at the top half.  But, there were so many other options I would have loved to see.

The first option would have been to put fastenings down the full opening.

I was also swaying towards using a frog type closure (either knitted or metal) that I think would have looked really great.  I just couldn’t quite decide if a decorative closure would have added or detracted from the cardigan.

The final option was looped buttonholes along the edge….but then what buttons!

Can someone please put me out of my misery by knitting Carrageen and trying out a different closure option??