I’m still here!

I have been having a very hard time getting around to blogging at the moment.  After the lovely lull of the Christmas holidays it feels like life has gone into fast forward again.  Somehow the amount of activities the boys do after school seems to have multiplied again making an afternoon at home just doing homework a rarity.  Now if only we managed to get up on time in the morning we might just about manage to keep this whole circus on the road.

In book news – I just submitted the final portion of my work to the publisher so now comes the editing part!  I’ve gotten so used to self-publishing it’s fun to have someone else who cares as much as I do about the book and to have someone to discuss the decisions with.  It makes it a less isolating process.  Joe has take some truly amazing photographs, it’s very tough not to be able to share them with you yet.  It’ll be quite an experience to have so many patterns to share with you all at once.  As this book was worked on over a relatively long time period and we were traveling around the country to visit the mills we managed to get a good variety of Ireland shown in the photos.

Now back to work – I’ve got lots of exciting projects on the go over the next few months, sometimes it would be great to be able to double myself so that I’d have enough time to knit and design everything I’ve got in my head.

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