January Patterns

I’ve just added Spud Murphy to my pattern shop and realized that I now have 3 patterns from this month –

Spud Murphy

Nepal Wrap

and Carrageen.

Well to make it easier for anyone who loves all 3 I’ve put a 20% discount on all of them until the end of January.  So for the next week instead of costing $5.95 they are only $4.76.

I’m also eventually getting around to making a comprehensive pattern shop.  I’ve at last managed to get all of the patterns individually listed and I’m now in the process of making front pages for each category.  There wasn’t enough patterns before to merit this much sub-division but it has reached a point now where the list is getting very unwieldy!  Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have this job finished….unfortunately it doesn’t really help me that my HTML abilities are almost nonexistent and poor DH is regularly called in to clean up the total mess I’ve made.  Fingers crossed, that between the two of us we can actually manage to get these pages up and running!

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