Spoked Cardigan

Due to the delightful changing weather here in Ireland our entire household appears to have come down with a cold. I imagine the 20 degree (C) temp difference between Ohio and Ireland may have played a part for me also though!
I did however have a very pleasant surprise this weekend – the new Interweave Weekend issue was out. As well has the excitement of having a pattern in the issue I discovered that my Spoked Cardigan made it to the front cover!

This cardigan brings back lots of memories of last December when I sent it in.  I was working on it before Christmas when DH was away, we had freezing weather and no water due to frozen pipes.  I had the knitting finished before Christmas but had to wait until the post offices opened again to sent it off to Interweave!

As you can probably see from the color striping this cardigan is knit from side to side.  It starts at the front edge, works around one side (with stitches cast on for the sleeve) all the way around to the other front.  The yoke of the cardigan uses a varying garter stitch pattern to create a  yoke that moves in and out as you work it.  This yoke is charted for different sizes so it’s easy to combine the garter stitch pattern with the short row shaping.  The bottom of the sleeve is grafted for a seamless finish and the only seam in the whole garment is across the underarm.

I’m getting really excited now about This Is Knit’s 5 year anniversary party next week, it’s so close.  I’ll be among great company – there will be Debbie Bliss, Kieran Foley (designs amazing lace and colourwork) and Aoibhe Ni (very talented crochet designer).

I’m not certain if there are any tickets left for the event but check with TIK if you want to go, the full €5 cover charge will be donated to the Irish Cancer Society.  Plus you’ll have the added bonus of seeing me embarrass myself by attempting a speech.  I’ll be bringing a good selection of my self-published pattern samples for anyone who wants to try then on as well as a few sneak peeks from my new book ‘Contemporary Irish Knits‘ due out in August.

5 thoughts on “Spoked Cardigan

  1. OK. So you just pushed me over the edge. I popped over and got THE VERY LAST SPACE for this event. Really looking forward to meeting everyone there!

  2. Congrats on making the cover! That’s the second Interweave cover for you, I think? The cardigan looks great. I must see if I can get my hands on a copy of this edition. A shame it’s not included with the subscription.
    Looking forward to seeing you next week, and getting a sneak peek at the new book!

  3. Very observant of you! I don’t know if a digital copy would appeal to you but they have the digital version up already here.

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