Garden in bloom

My garden is in full bloom at the moment, this  has to be one of my favorite colours ever, it’s so deep and rich.

A few other favorites include this delightful bright orange:

and these very, very abundant pink roses:

Unfortunately flowers are not the only thing flourishing in our garden, we seem to have developed a full wildlife sanctuary.  In the front garden we have two wasp nests, a giant rat that occasionally makes himself seen, an uncountable number of rabbits and a bat that swoops over the eaves of our house at dusk (this one was especially exciting for the boys to watch!).  Our poor dog is being well outnumbered and goes a little mad whenever he runs out the front door now!

8 thoughts on “Garden in bloom

  1. My daughter would love your garden. She loves wildlife, the creapier the better. She’d especially love the bats and rat. My worst fear would be the rat, i’ve got a bit of a rodent phobia.

  2. Ah lovely. I have some of that middle flower in my garden too, but our garden blooms about 3 weeks later than anyone elses, so it hasn’t appeared yet. (Don’t know why that should be so, but it’s true.)

    According to the Glory of Google, it’s Crocosmia Lucifer. Fabulous.

  3. I’m with Anni, I have a massive phobia about those things whose name starts with R (the word is not allowed to be uttered in my hearing, on pain of death).

    Carol, those purple flowers in your first picture – what are they called? There are loads of them growing alongside the railway lines round here, and lots that I walk past on the way to work, and I love the smell of them …

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