Scrumptious Knits giveaway!

In the last couple of days the printed version of Scrumptious Knits has arrived at Fyberspates in the UK!  If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on a paper copy of this book you can buy it now here – remember if you’ve previously bought the PDF version you have a 20% off voucher to use.

I’m waiting (not so patiently!) for my copies to arrive, which should be any day now.  I’m so very excited to see my little box of books.  To make the wait more exciting I thought I’d have a raffle on my blog for a copy of Scrumptious Knits.  You can let me know whether you’d prefer a hard back copy or a PDF version of the book.  All you have to do is tell me which pattern you are going to knit first from the booklet and why in the comments on this blog post.  I’ll have a random drawing for the winner next Thursday the 26th.

For anyone who already has their copy of the book/ebook and is dying to get knitting please come join me for a KAL at my Stolen Stitches group on ravelry.

In more Scrumptious Knit news the book samples have arrived over in the US with the Fyberspates distributor Lantern Moon.  You can read all about it on their blog here. They’ll be traveling with them this weekend to TNNA in Phoenix so even though I won’t be there in person there will be a little part of me there :)  If you are going to the show this weekend do make sure to call to their stand so you can see the samples in person!

74 thoughts on “Scrumptious Knits giveaway!

  1. I’d cast on a Vesuvius right away! I’m love a PDF version of your book. Congratulations on another successful project!

  2. wow that cover sweater is gorgeous but i’d be more likely to knit the Vesuvius cowl first because it’s quicker and i need a new scarf. thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I will start with Ziggy Zag. A friend is having a baby in the early summer and I want to make something for her to have later on. And I love using Sock yarn

  4. I’m going to knit Bakersville first because I’ve been looking for a cardigan that has interesting detail on the front and one that would look flattering on my figure. This seems to fit perfectly!

  5. I love all of the patterns !! I think I would make the Haruna hat and gloves first – because they are smaller, and because it is cold here !! :-)

  6. Ignus is soooo beautiful! My idea of the “Perfect Sweater”. I would definitely knit that one. After I knit the Haruna hat & gloves for some instant gratification!

  7. Oh, most definitely my first (but not my last) knit from the book would be the Flama shawl-what an interesting construction! And then the Haruna hat, the Haruna gloves, the cowl…Oh my!

  8. I really love Ignus – I’d love to knit that one (as soon as I’m done with the Akoya cardi that I’m working on right now) ;)

  9. I love the Taupo the colour is great and would be just right for summer. So I think I would start with that. Great to see another book enjoyed Contemporary Knits very much.

  10. Such great patterns! I’m on a cowl kit right now, so Vesuvius would probably be first. But, Bakersville would be a very close second! I would love to have the PDF version of this book!

  11. I love all your patterns but I think to start off I want to do Bakersville. I love the looks of it and it looks cozy and since it’s snowing here, Cozy sounds really nice.

  12. Ooh, I think Ignus for me, because I’ve recently started wearing sweaters with that type of neckline. I might make it a bit shorter than tunic length. PDF for this tech woman!

  13. I think I would cast on for Vesuvius first. Then maybe the shawl Flama. All are beautiful!

  14. Congratulations on your new book! I have queued Taupo from this book – I love the lines of this sweater and the construction.

  15. I would knit Bakersville! I had my eye on this one as soon as you finished the prototype – It looks so cool and classy! It would be the perfect cardi to wear in the office :o)

  16. I would cast on the Bakersville. I can never have too many hoodies and this one is great!

  17. I have been smitten with Bakersville since I saw it, so that would have to be the first thing for me!

  18. I love the diagonal ribbing on Bakersville – and I would get heaps of wear out of it – pdf would be great (saves delivery to Australia…)

  19. I love taupo!! It really is perfect. But I’d have to knit two because my sister would want one as well. I’d love to win the hardcover version so I can keep it on the shelf and admire it regularly.

  20. I’d knit Flama first- looks very honed, with some interesting construction going on. And you never have too many shawls. Or hats. Or jumpers…

  21. Ignus looks like the perfect pullover for winter. Love the delicate cabling details. I think it would be perfect for my impending move from Australia to England.

  22. Definitely Bakersville for me; I love the shaping and the visual interest of the diagonal-line panels.

  23. I would love to knit Taupo. But I am on cold sheep and have not the right wool to knit it with. i can drool over the pattern of course…………

  24. I love Bakersville, the front panels are really cool and it looks very flattering (and I love hoodies…). I’d probably start with the Haruna hat and/or gloves though for instant gratification.

  25. I think Ignus would win the race (it’s awfully hard to choose).

    I’d love a hardcopy if I’m the lucky one. There’s nothing quite like fondling a new knitting book.

  26. I really really love Ignus. It’s the first pattern I’ve seen as the book was announced, and the one I like more. And I think that it can be done in every color of the scrumptious yarn!

  27. I love all the patterns! I think I would knit Ignus first but the cowl would be fun and fast for me! I will be watching for what you all knit in the KAL!!

  28. Oh my – all 7 patterns are lovely but I think that I would cast-on for Bakersvillle first. I’ve been rather smitten with the pattern your pics were first posted.

  29. I would knit the Haruna Gloves quickly followed by the matching hat. I have never knitted gloves and love the garter stitch little finger and how it it matched in the hat with a garter stitch panel. It would be a great adventure to knit my first glove with this cool pattern
    whoops forgot to say that I would like a hard copy if I were the lucky winner

  30. I would start with Taupo in the hope that spring is coming and we can look forward to wearing layers and nice sleeveless handknit rather than a coat. I wouldn’t mind if I got either the hardback or the PDF version

  31. Very hard to decide, but if I were to choose today it would be
    1. Captiva
    2. Adrift
    3. Zola
    4. Nepal Wrap
    and I could continue, but this would keep me busy for a bit.

  32. My granddaughters b-day is coming soon and I would love to make the hoodie Bakersville. Thank you for the opportunity.

  33. I’m in love with so many of the Scrumptious patterns. Thank you for your beautiful work!

  34. I think with the weather it is like at the moment in Ireland the Taupo would probably come first, though the Haruna hat is very tempting too. I’m open to either edition, though prefer hardback.

  35. I’d love to make Bakersville. It looks so soft and cozy for any cool day. I can’t resist hoodies.

  36. I would knit Ignus because I love tunics and cables. I would love a PDF but a hard copy is good too!

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