Taupo KAL

Ok everyone, we have our KAL winner!  Taupo just beat Ignus by a hair so this will be our first KAL from Scrumptious Knits.  To get you all started you can get either the pattern Taupo or the entire Scrumptious Knits booklet with 25% off if you enter coupon code TaupoKAL. Remember to use the coupon code you have to ‘Add To Cart’ (don’t use ‘buy now’) and you will have the option at the bottom of the pop up window of entering the code.  The code will be valid until the end of the month when the KAL begins.

We’ll get the knitting started on the 1st of March, up to that you can get going with yarn choices.  If you’re looking for some help and suggestions come and post at my ravelry group here.  I’ll pop in every day and will help out with suggestions.

A few months before the red version (show above) which was knit by the talented Dixie I knit a blue version (see below).  I discovered afterwards however that the blue yarn colour was in fact discontinued which is why a second red version was knit!

2 thoughts on “Taupo KAL

  1. I love this sleevless cardi – it is soo gorgeous and practical too.
    I have the yarn and the pattern and am yearning to cast on!!

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