It’s May!

Much to my amazement it’s actually May now.  Today was the first day of sunshine that we’ve had in weeks.  It makes me feel so good after rain, gales and freezing conditions.  I want to know what crazy person out there thinks that Ireland should still be getting below 10 degree (C) temperatures at the start of May!

I want to thank everyone one who has taken part in the Scrumptious Knits blog tour.  I really appreciate the time and care you all took to review the book and create interesting interviews.  So a really big thank you to everyone!

The last few visits on the blog tour are with Fyberspates and Romi.  Both of them still have ongoing giveaways so go take a look!

At the end of this month I’ll be taking a trip to Denver for a week.  I’m really, really excited about this – the project is going to be lots of fun plus I’ve never been to Denver!  To finish off what should be a great week I’ll be doing a book signing at the yarn store Fancy Tiger on Friday the 1st of June.  If you live in Denver or anywhere around, even if you don’t want or need a book signed call on in to say hello I’d love to meet all the Denver knitters!

Closer to home I’m going to be teaching a Short Row class at Hedgehog Fibres studio in Little Island (just outside Cork city) next Tuesday.  If you want to learn lots of different ways to work short rows and how to use them in your knitting go book one of the last few places here .  This is always a fun class, I am completely and totally obsessed with short rows :-)

And now back to packing my samples and planning a new booklet….

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  1. Have a great trip! I’ve heard Denver is really lovely. Looking forward to hearing how you get in :)

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